Inter-student and community-level exchanges

Inter-student and community-level exchanges

Intercultural exchanges with local students

CIE encourages international students to deepen their understanding of Japan and become accustomed to its society through exchanges with local people. We organize exchange events for international students to interact with local students and the local community.

*Exchange projects may be shrunk or canceled due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

1. Exchange with Japanese students through Chiba University International Student Group (CISG)

CISG is a student group established and supported by CIE. CISG welcomes all students interested in intercultural exchanges. In June and December, CISG organizes the Universal Festival, where international students introduce their countries and cultures to local students and the local community. CISG also hosts online chat rooms for international students to practice Japanese.

Exchange with Japanese students through Chiba University International Student Group (CISG)

2. Student volunteers in Japanese language classes

Local student volunteers participate in some Japanese language classes each semester. Communicating with international students in Japanese language classes provides local students with opportunities to understand teaching Japanese as an additional language, take multiple perspectives, and make friends with international students. We recruit student volunteers on the CIE website every March and September (click "What's New" on the top page).

3. LEX (Language Exchange) Program

In the LEX Program, a pair of international and local students meet weekly to teach one's language and culture to the other. Currently, speakers of Chinese, English, Finnish, French, German, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and Thai are participating in the program. Students may be able to study languages not taught at Chiba University. CIE and English House co-organize this program. The LEX program begins in April and October. If interested, please check a poster at CIE or at English House.

LEX (Language Exchange) Program

4. Student Tutors

To help newly arrived international students, their academic supervisors (professors) select local students as their tutors. International students can seek help from tutors about life in Japan and at Chiba University.

CIE supports student tutors who wish to improve their skills to help international students. CIE also recruits local students willing to work as volunteer tutors. Prospective student tutors must enroll in "Introduction to supporting international students." This intensive course is offered in Terms 3 and 6 as a general education subject.