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Global Study Program (GSP)
- Chiba University's own way of studying abroad




l 千葉大学と海外協定校との間で実施する協働学習プログラム

l 平成23年度から普遍教育教養展開科目として開始

l ホスト校ゲスト校を入れ替え、隔年で実施

l 千葉大学生(1015名)、協定校の学生(1015名)がグループを形成、設定されたテーマについて問題提起し、調査・分析・発表を協働して行う

l 異なる専門知識や言語的・文化的背景の異なる者が多分野をまたいで集まり、さまざまな視点から課題解決にあたる

l 両大学の教員が協働してプログラムを企画、実施し、学生をサポートする

l 今まで実施されたGSPに参加した学生の出身国:フィンランド、ベトナム、ギリシャ、マレーシア、ドイツ

Students from Chiba University and our partner universities overseas, irrespective of their personal and cultural background, participate in fieldwork and workshop sessions, with the objective of collaboratively working on devising solutions to a set of practical issues. The key-concept of Global Study Program is collaborativity. In this program students are encouraged to use their own experience and disciplinary knowledge to express their ideas and to embody through cooperation with their peers a state of mind that we deem to be necessary in today's globalized world: the ability to approach a task from different angles, which is made possible by collaborating with others. Global Study Programs emphasize interdisciplinarity, critical thinking and multicultural understanding. Our programs are held every year in Chiba and abroad, alternatively.

Below is a list of past and current Global Study Programs organized by the Center for International Research and Education at Chiba University. Next to each program's topic and description, readers can access a downloadable PDF version of the program's pamphlet.

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GSP1: Home Care Systems Design - Towards the Future
Location: Seinajoki University of Applied Sciences (Finland)


GSP1: Tomorrow's Plant Factories
Location: Chiba University (with Seinajoki University of Applied Sciences students)


GSP1a: Future Agribusiness in Vietnam
Location: Nong Lam University (Vietnam)

GSP1c: Schooling & Community
Location: Seinajoki University of Applied Sciences (Finland)

GSP2: Multiethnic Societies and Industry
Location: Malaya University (Malaysia)


GSP3: Tourism in Local Development Planning
Location: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece)

GSP4: IT, Communication and Societies
Location: Multimedia University Melaka (Malaysia)

GSP5: Transnational Migration of People
Location: Chiba University (with Seinajoki University of Applied Sciences students)


GSP1: International Business
Location: Seinajoki University of Applied Sciences (Finland)


GSP6: Community-based Regional Revitalization
Location: Chiba University (with Aristotle University of Thessaloniki students)


GSP7: Lifespace and Healthcare technology: Ideas for the Future
Location: Chiba University (with Multimedia University, Malaysia)

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GSP-B: International Communication and Technology: Preparation for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics
Location: Chiba University (with Seinajoki University of Applied Sciences, Finland)

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GSP-C: Archaeological Sites and Their Impact on Local Development

Location: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece)

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GSP-G: E-mobility and Smart Cities
Location: Dresden University of Applied Sciences (Germany)

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