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Exchanges with Japanese People

CIE wants to encourage international students to deepen their knowledge and understanding of Japan and its society through exchanges with Japanese people. We run a number of exchange schemes with both Japanese students and the local community. Below you will find information on our major exchange projects.

*Exchange projects may be held on a smaller scale or cancelled depending on conditions related to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

(1) Exchange with Japanese students

1. Exchange with Japanese students through Chiba University International Student Group (CISG)

CISG welcomes students interested in broadening international cultural exchange and deepening mutual understanding through joint collaborative activities supported by CIE. Introduction of international students' countries and cultures to Japanese students and to the local community through Universal Festival is a major regular event held in June and December at Chiba University, but it is not confirmed yet how we run the event in 2021. Japanese Language Chat Room is regularly open online.

2. Voluntary participation in Japanese language classes

Every semester a number of Japanese students voluntarily participate in Japanese language classes. Contact with international students in these classes gives them a unique opportunity to experience problems related to Japanese language education, view things from different angles than their own as well as make friends with international students. For those interested, information on Japanese language courses open to voluntary participation is posted on CIE website every March and September (look for What's New).

3. LEX (Language Exchange) Program

The LEX Program involves individual face-to-face meetings between international and Japanese students on a weekly basis, where they can freely talk on issues related to each other's language and culture. Currently, students of Chinese, English, Finnish, French, German, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and Thai language backgrounds are involved in the program., which gives Japanese students an opportunity to learn languages which may not be offered in Chiba University' curriculum, and to meet other students who are interested in similar languages and cultures and get to know Japanese students from different faculties. This program is run jointly by CIE and English House. The program starts in April and October. Those interested can pick up information leaflets from English House.


4. Tutors

In order to help newly arrived international students get accustomed in Japan and at Chiba University, their academic supervisors (professors) at relevant faculties appoint Japanese students as their individual tutors, who help them with everyday life and academic issues.

CIE provides advice for Japanese tutors who want to help international students with their study, and recruits Japanese students who may be interested in voluntary tutoring. Such students may also choose to enroll in Introduction to supporting international students, which is an intensive course and offered in T3 and T6 as a general education subject.

(2) Exchange with the local community

1. Home visits

With the cooperation from a number of international associations and individuals, CIE arranges one-day (no overnight stay) home visits to Japanese families, which allows them to get a better understanding of Japanese culture and customs. Participation in home visits is conditional upon the type of study program international students are enrolled in. Home visits typically will be held for 1 day in July and January. The home visit program typically takes place in June and December.

2. Introduction to Japanese Culture 

CIE cooperates with a number of private volunteer organizations which support organizing one-day bus tours for international student several times a year. The tours typically include visits to Japanese historical sites, factories and others.

Apart from the bus tours events introducing traditional Japanese culture such as tea ceremony, wearing the yukata are also organized.


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