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Exchanges with Japanese

CIE wants to encourage international students to deepen their knowledge and understanding of Japan and its society through exchanges with Japanese people. We run a number of exchange schemes with both Japanese students and the local community. Below you will find information on our major exchange projects.

(1) Exchange with Japanese students through CISG

Chiba University International Student Group (CISG) is home to students interested in broadening international cultural exchange and deepening mutual understanding through joint collaborative activities supported by CIE. Introduction of international students' countries and cultures to Japanese students and to the local community through Universal Festival is a major regular event at Chiba University. Information about Universal Festival as well as Japanese Language Chat Room, joint parties and other CISG activities is available through the CIE website and notice boards throughout Chiba University.

(2) Exchange with the local community

1. Home stays and home visit

With the cooperation of some local international associations, the Chiba U provides home stay and home visit programs for international students. These programs offer the opportunities to get better understanding of Japanese culture and customs inside family. Basically, the home stay program will be held for 1 day in July and January. The home visit programs will be held for 2 days and 1 night in June and December.

2. Introduction to Japanese Culture 

The Chiba U cooperates with some private volunteer organizations which supports international students to provide one-day bus tours several times a year. Also, we provide some events to introduce traditional Japanese culture such as tea ceremony, wearing the yukata.

3. Visiting local Japanese schools  

Visiting local school is an opportunity to introduce your country to Japanese youth, and local people. Also it helps to deepen mutual understanding with them.

※The details will be available on CIE's website and notice board. We look forward to your participation.

(3) Support from Japanese students

1. Tutor education and training

CIE provides advice and training for Japanese tutors who want to help international students in their study. If you feel like volunteering to become a tutor for international students, please contact CIE

2. Japanese language class volunteers

CIE recruits Japanese students every semester to voluntarily participate in Japanese language classes taught at the center. The aim of this project is to give Japanese students the opportunity to see things from viewpoints different from their own, and to make them aware of the difficulty and fun of studying Japanese as a foreign language. Their participation in classes for international students is also an excellent chance to know each other and make friends. We recommend this project to those students interested in talking with international students in Japanese, and who plan to teach Japanese to foreigners, and who want to study overseas.