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International Student Education at Chiba University

Apart from specialized courses for undergraduate and graduate students, we strongly recommend that students who have different language and cultural backgrounds should consider taking courses in Japanese language and Japanese Studies.

1. Japanese language courses

A number of courses where Japanese is taught as a second language are offered to undergraduate students, graduate students, J-PAC students, Intensive Japanese Language Program students, and, under certain conditions, also to exchange students, exchange research students, research students and specialized students.

Japanese language courses are offered at 8 levels: from basic courses for very beginners who may need Japanese in everyday life to advanced courses for those who need to acquire higher language skills required for their academic activities.

Regular Japanese students participate in a number of designated courses as volunteers, which gives international students an opportunity to interact with native speakers during their classwork, and, on the other hand, accustoms the volunteering Japanese students to different ways of thinking, and raises their interest in Japanese language and awareness regarding its difficulty from a non-native perspective.

2. Courses in Japanese Studies

A number of courses on Japanese culture and society, which were originally developed for international students, had been offered as general education subjects to Japanese student as Chiba University's effort to promote collaborative learning project since 2000. In 2013 courses for undergraduate students jointly labeled as Japanese Studies were introduced. Their aim was to study about the world, using Japan as a case study, and vice versa. The language of instruction in these courses is either English or English-and-Japanese combined *.

All the above courses assume participation of both international and Japanese students based on their interests and language skills. They facilitate the ability to view complex issues from different perspectives in a flexible and balanced way, which is required to resolve problems across national and cultural borders, and which is the key to success in today's globalized society. In these courses we do not just provide students with foundational knowledge about Japanese culture, but we also offer an environment, where collaborative learning, students who have different language and cultural backgrounds and different pre-acquired knowledge can reconsider their image of Japan by reflecting on their own experiences and cultures, and can acquire new perspectives and a deeper awareness of a variety of global phenomena.

*Courses in Japanese Studies are offered within General Education subjects. Please refer to the relevant syllabus for details.


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