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Nishi-Chiba Campus

(1) Course Levels and Eligible students

Japanese language courses at all levels are offered at the Nishi-Chiba campus. Advanced courses coded 7xx and 8xx can only be taken by regular undergraduate students, J-PAC students and other undergraduate exchange students. Basic and intermediate courses can be taken by all students except regular undergraduate students with the exception of courses coded 6xx can also be taken by regular undergraduate students under certain conditions. Relevant timetable(s) will be displayed by clicking on the course name(s). Note that the description of courses coded 4xx and above is only available in Japanese because prospective students at these courses are expected to be able to read syllabi and other relevant information in Japanese.

Table 1 Japanese language courses at the Nishi-Chiba campus

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Level and

course code
Elegible students
Advanced 8xx regular undergraduate, exchange undergraduate & J-PAC students
Intermediate 6xx All students
5xx J-PAC students, intensive program students, graduate and research students, specialized students, exchange research students, exchange students, researchers
Pre- intermediate 3xx
Basic 2xx

(2) Registration for basic, pre-intermediate and intermediate courses

Please carefully read the information contained under the banner Japanese Language Course Registration. Next fill in answers in the questionnaire and do the online placement test. Once you have determined which course(s) may suit you, go through the registration process. All categories of eligible students except J-PAC, Intensive Japanese Language Course students and Short-term Japanese Program students can register online. Registration will automatically be inhibited when classes reach their size limit. Prospective students should buy the designated textbooks and participate in all scheduled classes. Sit-and-listen style auditing is not permitted.

Short term exchange (J-PAC) students, Intensive Japanese Language Program students and Short-term Japanese Program students should follow the instructions given by their course coordinators.

(3) Registration for advanced courses

Please refer to the Japanese language version for details.


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