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Japanese language courses 2020 Term 4-5

   All Japanese language courses are offered by distance learning for this semester in an attempt to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
   Students who wish to apply for admission to the courses should carefully read the course description and syllabi uploaded to the registration system website before they proceed to the registration.
   Research students, specialized students, exchange research students, and exchange students other than J-PAC students are required to submit an Eligibility Application for Japanese Language Courses BEFORE they can register. The application form can be downloaded from the registration system website. You should fill in all the necessary information and get the approval of your academic supervisor. You can register by submitting the application to ISD, through your academic supervisor.
   ▪ Registration starts on September 15 (Tue) and ends on October 31 (Sat).
   ▪ The Courses will begin on October 1 (Thu).


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