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"How did pre-war Japan promote itself abroad?" Museums Tour (February 23)

How did pre-war Japan promote itself abroad?

February 23 (Tue) Field Trip (bilingual) 


(for Japanese see below)

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Nearly 100 years ago, the Japanese government started its first national promotional campaigns of the country targeting foreign tourists. What was the image of Japan at the time? Was it that different from our image of Japan today? If you are interested to find out, please apply to take part in our field trip of February 23 (Tue) from 10am to 4.30pm. (You can join us in mid-day as well). We kindly ask interested students to fill the form by Friday 29 January. The schedule of the day is as follows.

【10:00~11:30】Lecture: "Japan in the Taisho and early Showa eras" (lecture by Prof. Kenjo and Gaitanidis, Large Lecture Room, CIRE)
【12:30~13:30】Train trip from Nishi-Chiba to Takebashi station (fare:¥580)
【13:45~15:00】Visit of "Visit Japan: Tourism Promotion in the 1920s and 1930s" exhibition at the Tokyo National Museum of Modern Art (¥130/person, free of students of the Faculty of Arts, ¥70 if more than 20 participants)
【15:15~15:30】Walk to Showa National Memorial Museum (exhibition of life in Show period)
【15:30~16:30】Visit of Showa National Memorial Museum (¥150/person, ¥110 if more than 20 participants)



【12:30~13:30】西千葉から出発 [西千葉→西船橋→竹橋(580円)]
【15:30~16:30】昭和館の見学 (一人150円、20人以上の場合110円)【現地解散】


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