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Academic Position(s) Vacant at Center for International Research and Education

Center for International Research and Education at Chiba University seeks qualified applicants for the following position(s):

1. Job description  
Part-time teacher (hijōkin kōshi), 1 or 2 position(s)

2. Subjects/classes
Japanese Studies
(1) The applicant(s) are expected to teach in English one or two subjects in the area of Japanese Studies. Courses in Japanese Studies at Chiba University do not just provide students with foundational knowledge about Japanese culture and society, but also offer an environment that allows students to reconsider their image of Japan by reflecting on their own experiences and cultures. It is envisaged that the applicant(s) will make use of active and collaborative learning methodologies in order to encourage students' contribution to the learning process. The subject(s) will be part of the Global Japanese Studies program, whose aim is to create international human resources with multicultural knowledge and skills.
(2) The above subject(s) will be offered in Term 2 (8 June-3 August 2016) and/or in Term 5 (2 December, 2016 -8 February, 2017) in the academic year 2016.
(3) Please refer to the following website to find more on the Global Program for Japanese Studies:

3. Start of employment
8 June, 2016 or 2 December, 2016

4. Term of employment
Limited term

5. Qualifications
(1) The applicant must be able to conduct/teach classes in English.
(2) The applicant must have a master's degree or higher.
(3) The applicant must have teaching experience in tertiary education.

6. Application deadline
Applications must arrive at the Center for International Research and Education by 5 pm on the 21 December, 2015.

Please check Guidelines for application 2016.pdf

Forms for application are available at the links below.

Form 1.docx
Form 2.docx


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