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Global Project Work: Public Presentation

The Center for International Research and Education (CIRE) offers a General Education course called "Global Project Work (GPW)," in which students from various faculties learn presentation skills and practice them by building up a presentation about contemporary Japan in English. On February 4th, we will hold a public event in which the 4 student groups, who took GPW 2 this Autumn, will present about an aspect of Japanese society and culture. Each presentation is 15 minutes long. At the end of the event, we will ask the audience to vote for the best group performance.

2/4 (Wed) 16:10 to 17:40

Presentation Space @ Academic Link Center (Nishi-Chiba Campus)

16 : 10 Start of event
16 : 15 1)Yokai and Japanese Society
16 : 35 2)Touched by Touch
16 : 55 3)Instant Ramen for You: Daily to Disaster Use
17 : 15 4)Closer than Ever
17 : 35 Audience's vote
17 : 40 End of event

Please come join us if you are interested in how non-native English speakers learn to present about Japanese culture and society in English.


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